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Do you have a heart for the hurting? Are you convinced Scripture offers sufficient comfort for soul care? Reigning Grace Institute is a certified training facility for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) and is offering LIVE Fundamentals Training in Kansas City in 2024!

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Who is Reigning Grace?

Reigning Grace is the parent ministry of the Men’s Discipleship Blog, and it exists to see heart change for life change. RGCC offers counseling services for those lost and hurting as well as training for those desiring to be equipped to minister to others. Learn more today!

About Us

This blog is a space to address the common issues and questions that men face with the truth from God’s Word which is able to bring wisdom, freedom, and healing. You will find blog entries every other week from a seasoned counselor from Reigning Grace Counseling Center, with the occasional guest contributor as well. We hope you are encouraged by what you find. If you have any questions or comments, reach out today!

What is our purpose?

Our purpose models that of our parent ministry — to see heart change for life change. Each blog will address a question or issue with Scripture and point to the truth of the Gospel no matter what. Your life can be changed, you can be healed, and you can find hope in Jesus. Join us today!

The Latest Blogs

Conflict on Social Media

Conflict on Social Media

Social media is a lousy medium for substance. Airing out a conflict is about the most foolish thing a Christian can do. A person persistent in airing their gripes and complaints against others soon gains a reputation that is hard to shake.

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